While we are all aware sex pays, we cannot just kid about it. Being an escort is just like any other professional you might be thinking. Ideally, you will invest in where you feel your talent dwells. Just like a banker or an engineer programs his or her day for the work, an escort will follow suit.

We must not forget that an escort is an independent-minded adult person and has all due respect to deciding on how to program the day. In order for us to understand how the life of an escort looks like, we must agree that the escort task is very critical and require a creative mind.

A typical day of an escort generally looks like the following:

Waking up time

Bearing in mind that escort work can go past late nights, chances of an escort waking too early are too minimum. An escort will mostly wake up at around 11 am maybe after a long tiresome night of activities. Once she wakes up, the first thing is to respond to text messages and a phone call from clients making the booking and confirming their previous reservations.

The waking time, however, does fluctuate depending on the activities of the previous day and those scheduled for the coming day. A top-ranked escort will, however, run a different day due to the number of commitments she may have planned.

Men who reach for escorts for companion or sex services do not imagine that an escort can be too much engaged. They think that she is always ready at any time.

House cleaning

The life an escort solemnly depends on how she remains clean to attract more clients. If she is working from her house or has a work station cleaning and making the house became the next chore. A sex worker for that case will want to know if her clothes are clean if the house is clean and if everything is in the right order.

If an escort has a visiting client in her house later in the afternoon, she cleans the house, dust it to smell sexy, takes up the call to answer a stupid nude question in the sultriest voice while awaiting clients. Lastly, she takes up a shower, put on the sexiest clothing ready for the next event.


An escort lunch can be either in the house or out in a restaurant alone or with a client. A lunch time out instead of the house acts to relieve tension in the middle of the day in readiness for the evening activity.
Trippers’ moment
Tripper activities come in the late hours of the day, preferably around 3 pm. It involves meeting clients who had made the previous booking and have to leave for other activities.

Evening hour

Evening activities form that working hour of escorts. The work done can be continuity of the tripper work or with new clients. Fridays, for example, is a hectic day for an escort. It forms the time to go out with adult friends and clients for drinking and fan. Also, it’s time to seek clients for companions or sex services for payment.

If there had been booking for the night from a man, escorts take time to check if it’s worth taking the date or proceeding to another date without hurting the client.


Being an escort for a agency like Eve Escorts requires creativity and self-awareness. It is a well-paying do, but if you are not creative enough, you mind end up running an ordinary life. Programming your day well works best for in this industry.

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